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AgentFi is the home of Onchain Agents

AgentFi works at the intersection of blockchain and AI to allow anyone to create, customise and share onchain Agents.

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Our agents are driven by adaptive algorithms that optimize performance under different market conditions.


Our multi-level agent design is highly flexible - each agent can launch multiple strategies that accept custom user inputs.


Our agents can be traded on an NFT marketplace like any other ERC721 token - together with any assets or points inside!

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AgentFi secures initial funding from Generative Ventures


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Security is a core feature of AgentFi's design. We follow the ERC-6551 token standard and implement a multi-agent system to ensure each agent operates within its own security boundaries.

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Audit completed by a top security firm


AgentFi Academy: Lesson 2

In todays session of AgentFi Academy, we are diving into two groundbreaking initiatives designed to enhance your experience and rewards…

AgentFi Academy: Lesson 2
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AgentFi Secures Initial Funding Round Led by Generative Ventures

AgentFi, a cutting-edge protocol simplifying DeFi user experience through the use of on-chain AI agents, announces the successful…

AgentFi Secures Initial Funding Round Led by Generative Ventures
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Announcing AgentFi Credits Program

Introducing AgentFi Credits

Announcing AgentFi Credits Program
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